How Much to Spend to Run a Facebook Ad 2022

How much should you spend on facebook ads in 2022

#1: Decide How Much You Will Spend on Facebook Ads

The first thing you need to do when thinking about how much your business should spend on Facebook ads is to understand numbers related to your marketing and sales. Usually, the goal is for the business to make money. To do this, they want people who are interested in their product or service. To get these people, businesses usually spend between 5% and 12% of their revenue.

If you are newer with less revenue coming in, you might want to spend more like 12%. Let’s say that your company has been around for awhile and is doing well financially; then you might want to keep spending at 5%.

Another scenario might be that you have never spent money on marketing before. In this case, you need to find information from the internet, from industry organizations, and from people in your field. The first place you should look is a website or a company that studies these things. You can also ask people in your field for some specific ideas on what they have done to get good results.

#2: Distribute Your Facebook Ad Spend

After deciding on your monthly ad spend, you need to decide how much of the money should go into education, engagement, and audience-building. 20% of your Facebook ad spend should be used for this.

If you just have one focused type of ad or if you have too many ads without any education or engagement content in them, then your results won’t be very good. You need both types of ads to get good results. That is why it’s important that 20% of your Facebook ad spend goes towards creating an audience so they’ll be willing to buy from you in the future.