IDM Hosting offers flexible and affordable payment terms for all accounts. Our monthly billing cycle includes any monthly services you ordered and you will receive an invoice for it every month and once per month as a reminder.

IDM Hosting Accepts all Major Credit Cards

For one time payments, you will find it as a separate invoiced service. (You may request to have everything added to one invoice)
MAke a one time payment in the client area


To setup a subscription you need to just pay your invoice any day after it’s generated but at least one day before it’s due date.

(This is optional. If you make a payment after it’s due you will not get this option and must reach out to Customer Service or wait until your next billing date.)

Request Your Payment Due Date

What is a Upfront Payment?

A Upfront Payment is to pay a deposit before we start or finish the project. This is a small amount of the entire payment that is deducted from the full balance at the time the remainder is due.

Idm Hosting

Payments and Cancellations for Social Media Services

Payments | Cancellations

Cancellation Policy – Cancellations are required at least 8 days before a Client’s next billing date by submitting a support ticket online. Client may not terminate this Agreement prior to the second billing. After the second billing date, Client reserves the right to cancel this Agreement with 8 days notice. Cancellations need to be processed and confirmed by our billing department. Cancel requests sent to employees outside of the billing department are not guaranteed.

We do not issue prorated refunds for cancellations received early in a billing period, but we will finish out the month(s) if requested (this includes multi-month plans where the Client has received a discount, however we will require the discounted price to be voided and be paid the difference before continuation of Service). No cancellations within 8 days of renewal. Any Client receiving paid advertising services commits to a minimum of 90 days, no refunds.



We accept all major credit cards as well as Cash App. 

Unfortunately, IDm Hosting does not offer automatic refunds for the following payment methods:

A 3% transaction fee is applied If you select Check,  Money Order, or PayPal to process a refund, which is only applied if the payment was not originally processed using any of these methods.

  • Cash App
  • PayPal
  • Check (written checks or electronic checks)
  • Money Orders

If you close your Hosting plan within 100 days of opening the account and had made a manual payment toward the plan with one of these other methods, then Contact Support for further assistance with your refund.

If your account is closed after the 100 day refund period has passed, no refunds are issued. View the Terms of Service page for further details.

No. There are never any hidden charges when you use our services.

You can view a full history of your invoices in your hosting account. 

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade between Hosting Plans monthly or yearly payments. Plans that have services cannot be refunded. They will continue through the end of the billing cycle.


No. You own your domain registrations for the full term you purchased them for, which is typically 1 to 3 years up to 10 years at a time.

However, if you cancel your Hosting plan within the first year and your registration included a free domain, you will be required to pay for the free domain before using it on another server.

Yes, you can easily transfer your domain to a different web host at any time. To do this, simply log in to your IDm Hosting account and go to the Domains section. From there, you can click on the Manage button for the domain you want to transfer and then follow the instructions to point it to your new web host.

Once a domain is transferred, auto-renewed, or manually renewed, it is no longer possible to get a refund. This is because the domain registry updates its information to show that you are the owner for an additional year. Once this happens, there is no way to reverse the renewal.