Social Media Management and SEO Marketing now Includes Hosting!
Social Media Management Seo Marketing Website Management

We get clear on your goals

We are the people who make sure that your website is running smoothly and effectively. We do this by overseeing all of its functionality, evaluating how well it’s performing (and making necessary changes), providing hosting services for you, maintaining servers in a way to ensure stability and security as well as updating content on your website regularly so you can stay current with what’s happening around you.

Blog Posting Service

We will post one blog per week to your website of relevant content. We will provide SEO blog content for this.

Installing & Configuring Plugins

We will assist with widget and plugin configurations at your request through the client portal or help desk or by email. (Not all Third Party widgets or plugins can be configured by our team)

Keep Your Website Up to Date

We will update content you provide keeping your website current with up to date articles.

Website Optimization Service

Website optimization is the process of testing different things on your website to see what makes it better. If we change something and it is better, then we keep doing that.

E-Commerce Assistance

Includes assistance with Woo Commerce settings such as shipping, coupons, and automation setup.

Online marketing services optional

Social Media Marketing and SEO Marketing or optional services with website management but highly recommended if you want growth and conversions.

You must provide all content unless stated.