Idm Hosting

Rate Lock


A fee that allows clients to lock in future rates quoted before price increases. 100% of the amount will be deducted from the future invoice if services are within 2 months.



Locked Rates are protected because you have already started the order process but just haven’t completed it. By starting the order process you are given 2 months to complete the order before it will expire and you must start over again.

The amount to lock in flat fees & rates is $100 of the full amount. The full remainder must be paid at the time, but before services started. If our flat rates & fees are still the same when services are started the remainder amount due can be spilt into two payments at the time.

We do not offer refunds for locked in rates for prices that have been locked in more than 30 days or for services started. If no service had been rendered refunds are credited back to your hosting account and will be ready to use for any other service immediately. Refunds and Account Credits are non-reversible.