IDM Hosting offers flexible and affordable payment terms for all accounts. Our monthly billing cycle includes any monthly services you ordered and you will receive an invoice for it every month and once per month as a reminder.

IDM Hosting Accepts all Major Credit Cards

For one time payments, you will find it as a separate invoiced service. (You may request to have everything added to one invoice)
MAke a one time payment in the client area


To setup a subscription you need to just pay your invoice any day after it’s generated but at least one day before it’s due date.

(This is optional. If you make a payment after it’s due you will not get this option and must reach out to Customer Service or wait until your next billing date.)

Request Your Payment Due Date

Making a Cash App payment is convenient. We accept Cash App but we do not send Cash App. Read More

What is a Rush Payment?

A rush fee is an extra amount paid by the client to guarantee delivery in the minimum time needed to complete a project.

About Rush Fee's