How to Get Verified in Google My Business

Getting verified on Google My Business is important to show you’re the legitimate owner and manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. There are a few ways to get verified, and the method offered might depend on your specific business. Here are the most common ways:

  • Postcard: This is the most common method. You request a postcard with a verification code mailed to the address listed on your Business Profile. Once you receive it, you can enter the code online to verify your listing.

  • Phone or text message: If available, you can request a verification code by phone or text message.

  • Email: In some cases, you might be able to verify your business profile via email.

  • Video recording: You can create a short video showcasing your business storefront, signage, and interior (if it’s a brick-and-mortar location) to verify ownership.

  • Live video call: Google might also offer the option to verify your business through a live video call, where a representative can ask you questions and visually confirm your location.