It’s a Win Win Situation

We pay out up to 70% commission on all one time jobs.

No Minimum Referral

Get 50 signups? Awesome. Get 1 signup? Still awesome. Get paid either way.

Build Residual Income

Build residual income with our recurring Affiliate Partners model, you’ll earn for the life cycle of the customer, not just their initial purchase. See Terms & Condtions.

Got Questions?

Our payout turnaround for qualified sales is 7 days after the day the sale occurred on. This is to account for IDM’s  customer services policy to change or cancel services.

To learn more about the details of our program, check out our Terms of Service.

Absolutely! We will provide a way to do this in the future. For now, simply request any custom code you would like to use and we will see if we can get it approved and into the system.

You can start by submitting an Associate Application. There is nothing to purchase, and you will not be required to abide by sales quotas or rituals. You can make as much money as you would like, whenever you want.

We track referrals via both affiliate links and custom coupon codes. You’re welcome to use either! Both will result in a credited sale when the signup meets all the terms and conditions.