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Who We Are

Infrastructure Development & Management Inc. (iDM), is a company founded in 1999 by ASI Group Ltd. (ASI), in response to demand for integrated design, construction and operation services in the water and wastewater industry. iDM provides design/build, engineering, construction management, and operations services to municipalities, industry, commercial developments, and resort/recreational property owners.

iDM is the only true design/build/operate company in Ontario providing complete solutions and long term operations in the water and wastewater industry all under one roof.

How We Deliver

Design/build/operate delivery, is the primary business of iDM. Our benchmark for success is measured by our ability to maximize efficiency in construction, maintenance and capital asset management while exceeding regulatory compliance in operations.

iDM's design/build/operate approach and capabilities, allows for a variety of project delivery models incorporating the Public Private Partnership (P3) model, such as;

Design/Build (D/B)
Design/Build/Operate (D/B/O)
Design/Build/Operate/Transfer (D/B/O/T)
Design/Build/Operate/Finance (D/B/O/F)

These models allow our clients to enjoy many benefits such as, zero risk, additional sources of financing, cost control, and process/performance guarantees.

Latest News

Current Projects

February 1 2011
iDM awarded Operations contract for water and wastewater treatment facilities at the Ingelside, Ontario and Mallorytown, Ontario Travel Center locations.

January 12 2011
iDM awarded Design/Build/Operate contract for water and wastewater treatment facilities for Ontario's first "Fly in Community", located in Carp, Ontario.

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Press Releases

September 16 2011
iDM launches new website, provding more information for our clients, on the iDM Design/Build/Operate approach.
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